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For our students enrolled in KIDA School, we offer a variety of optional enrichment programs (which are subject to change from time to time) to help balance their academic programs. Below are some of the current programs we offer:


When our students step into the KIDA art studio they enthusiastically enter a realm of unobstructed expression and creativity. Through a gentle, methodical process of painting they create with the colors of the rainbow. With graphite, pen, pastel and charcoal they make marks on paper; the joy of freely exploring textures that stimulate spontaneous tactile, visceral and visual sensations is written all over their happy faces throughout these processes!

Painting with brushes (and, at times fingers and hands), they explore primary and secondary colors, the magical mixing of colors to create new ones, as well as different printmaking techniques (particularly the mono-print, and occasionally relief). Students are consistently practicing the effective use of a paintbrush, application of paint on paper, and drawing techniques and strategies, routinely gaining incremental expertise and confidence! As students at KIDA are often involved in several therapy sessions throughout their day, all of which are necessarily structured and specific goal-oriented.


At KIDA, learning is not limited to the classroom. In fact, students develop valuable life skills with monthly outings. In addition to learning about navigating the bus system to reach their destination, students enjoy visiting restaurants, movie theaters, the aquarium, Tanaka Farms and more!

These outings give students confidence to venture into the community, while equipping them with the skills to do it safely. Students also cultivate life skills on-site, with activities like washing the laundry, cooking meals, and more!


Music is highly motivating and engaging while being relatable and attainable to those with autism and other related disorders. Engaging in songs and motions helps develop communication, socialization, appropriate peer interaction, motor skills, and self-expression through musical interaction and exploration. Music also provides concrete, multi-sensory stimulation in the auditory, visual, and tactile senses.

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