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KIDA is a Center of Excellence in Orange County for the Treatment of Children with Autism and other related disorders.

KIDA was created in 2008 by a family that was frustrated by the toll it took on the entire family to drive from location to location for services for their child. This inspired the creation of KIDA, the Kids Institute for Development & Advancement.

Today, KIDA is Orange County’s largest Center for Autism, housing education and therapy all under the same roof. KIDA’s 50,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility was designed with the child in mind, from our warm, pastel-colored walls adorned with kids’ art projects, to our 2,000 square-foot occupational therapy gym, to the latest technology in our classrooms. Our staff is composed of qualified individuals with several years’ experience working with children on the spectrum, who have earned their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees and are licensed/credentialed in their area of expertise.

KIDA approaches autism treatment from the perspective of treating the whole child. We bring experts from various disciplines together to accelerate children’s progress by providing collaboration between therapists and teachers for improved treatment. We would love to meet with your family and find out how KIDA’s intentionally designed “one-stop shop” can advance your child and support your family. Please call our office today to see if KIDA would be the right fit for your child

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