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Learn from experts in the field of autism about innovations that are relevant to your child’s success and triumph improvements.

At KIDA, we believe that incorporating the latest advancements in technology and treatment gives our children the best opportunities for success. We place a high value on equipping our therapists, families and community members with the latest innovations in autism treatment. Parents and professionals have the unique opportunity learn about practical, cutting-edge breakthroughs from experts through the “KIDA Innovation Series”, which features presentations by globally recognized speakers. In addition to an informative presentation, the Innovation Series features a Q&A so audience members can apply the new information to their specific child.

Join us for our upcoming speakers, and watch videos from past presentations.

Joshua Feder MD Lecture – Teens on the Spectrum

Yi Jin Lecture – Breakthroughs that change the way we treat kids with autism

Matthew Goodwin – Cutting-edge technologies to help people with autism

Howard Shane – Technology solutions to teach language and enable communication

Rosalind Picard ScD – Using Technology to Map Facial Expressions

Rosalind Picard ScD – Testing Sleep Patterns of Kids with ASD

Rosalind Picard – Using Wristbands to Predict Seizures

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