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KiDA Difference

KiDA Difference

KiDA School is different than other special needs schools because our highly educated teams of professionals collaborate together under one roof to ensure that each child can reach his or her full potential through an individualized program. Our staff meets weekly to ensure that we challenge each child to develop the skills that he or she will need to build independence and academic knowledge. We design relevant curriculum that is age-appropriate and meaningful for our students. KiDA professionals also understand the importance of having fun throughout the school day, and students participate in interactive physical education and music classes, art projects and themed days (such as pajama day!) to capture the students’ engagement and support their growth. We have one of the highest professional to student ratios among special education schools.

For example, a child’s school day may include:

  • Learning about natural science and taking a nature walk as a part of a classroom lesson
  • Improving comprehension by learning about thematic stories
  • Occupational therapy treatment in the classroom to support handwriting and fine motor development
  • Speech therapy in a group setting while playing board games to support speech and social development
  • Building and completing an obstacle course in PE class with peers
  • Learning to measure and count as a part of a math lesson while completing a cooking activity in the kitchen
  • Taking a field trip to the local market to practice counting money and completing transactions in a store

Our state of the art facility allows us to develop programming for children that goes beyond traditional education. Every classroom houses technology including SmartBoards, iPads and computers to teach our students how to use technology and make our lessons more interactive.

With therapists and professionals all working together under one roof, students are able to get the support they need when they need it from a team that really understands the students and family’s needs.

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