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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

At KIDA’s Occupational Therapy Clinic, our licensed therapists provide assessments, consultations, and treatment to address each child’s goals in his/her areas of need including sensory integration, organization and motor planning, play, socialization, meal time participation, self-help, and hygiene.

Our Occupational Therapists have advanced training in sensory integration, feeding, handwriting, and DIRFloortime®.

They utilize evidence-based practice by drawing upon their extensive training to provide specific, challenging therapeutic activities in the context of play with an aim to facilitate a child’s abilities and skills. Both individual and group services are available to facilitate meaningful occupational engagement in daily life activities.

Occupational therapy aims to help children by addressing challenges in academic, sensory motor, and social emotional development that impacts engagement and participation in daily life activities.

Occupational Therapy

OT Services can address the following:

  • Daily activities such as tooth brushing, getting dressed, and managing fasteners
  • Mealtime participation such as using utensils, eating a variety of foods, and sitting at the table
  • School based activities such as handwriting, using tools, and doing multi-step activities
  • Motor based activities such as pumping a swing, riding a bicycle, or jump roping
  • Regulation and self-calming activities to support each child’s unique sensory needs

Benefits of OT

  • Development of sensory motor skills
  • Improved regulation in response to daily challenges
  • Greater independence and participation in daily life activities
  • Improved confidence in strengths and abilities

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