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Summer Programs

Summer Programs

KiDA Summer Programs are customized programs designed by occupational therapists to support your child’s development. Summer program courses will run based on client interest and therapist availability. Please call KIDA at 949-222-2214 today to get on our interest lists.

Pre-K Play Group

This group focuses on facilitating social skills through gross motor play, arts and crafts and snack time. Children learn about topics such as taking turns, sharing, following a group routine, being kind, giving personal space, and being a good listener while participating in activities to support their fine and gross motor development.

Who: preschool aged children

Snack Pack

This group provides an opportunity for children to explore a variety of foods incorporating the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding. Children will explore and learn about different foods in a playful and interactive way and parents will learn tips and tricks for mealtime at home.

Who: School-aged picky eaters

Handwriting Helpers

This group incorporates curriculum such as Handwriting Without Tears to develop better handwriting skills. Children will participate in a variety of fun fine motor crafts and handwriting activities to help increase their hand strength, letter formation and spacing.

Who: Elementary school-aged children


This group will help children develop age appropriate play skills through activities that promote motor development, social skills, self-regulation and overall confidence. Children will participate in activities such as obstacle courses, common playground games, board games, that facilitate social-emotional learning.

Disclaimer: Minimum of 4 participants per group. Group schedules are subject to scheduling changes based on client availability and interest.

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